Author Interview: Ricki Dagosta


As an author, it is always exciting to celebrate the successes of others pursuing the independent publishing route. Today, I would like to share one such journey from a new author, who recently published her first ever novel, and… is working on writing a whole series to follow this one. I know she has been working extremely hard on the second book, which will be published soon… I hope, as I am looking forward to reading it!

If you love romance, give it a look. It’s widely available, including on Kobo, iBooks and Amazon


A New Beginning


“I find your need to protect me downright laughable. Who, the bloody hell is going to save me from you, huh? No one has ever devastated me as much as you did. I loved you, and you walked away.”

Nearly a decade after Chelsea Whittaker’s first experience with heartache, she’s alone again, this time coping with the tragic end of a disastrous marriage. With a baby to raise and a full-time career, dating is the last thing on her mind.

After Chelsea literally runs into Dr. Scott Reinhardt, the obstetrician deemed ‘Doc Hottie’ by women alike, they spend time over drinks, and she accepts his invitation to a charity event. Scott’s timing feels perfect until Chelsea is blindsided by the return of her first love, Jack Robertson. Still unattached and better looking than ever, Jack has come home to Minneapolis.

Despite her lingering anger toward Jack, Chelsea is unsure she can resist his attempts to fix what he’s broken. She must learn to trust…and to believe she can find true happiness. After all, everyone deserves a new beginning.


Congratulations on publishing your book! Please tell us a little about yourself: 

Thank you, Kate. I am originally from Minnesota though I have also lived in Michigan and Nebraska. After moving to Omaha with my parents and siblings at the age of sixteen, I met my future husband at the grocery store where we both held part-time jobs. Fast forward: we’re ‘empty nesters’ now, living in a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA near our grown kids; a son, two daughters and their families. We both have full-time careers and spend our spare time doing what we love to do. For me, that’s spending time with family and writing!

When and why did you start writing? Was there anyone or anything in particular that inspired you to write?

I have been a reader of romance for a long time and have discovered countless amazing books through the years however, they didn’t always go the way I had envisioned. For that reason, I longed to control the destiny of the characters I had created. My heroines tend to be strong with moments of weakness and have the confidence to realize they can overcome adversity. Although I write contemporary romance, my goal is to weave secondary plots around the romantic relationship of my main characters, involving their family and friends. The Ties that Bind, the name of my book series came about with that in mind. Families and friends have issues, but they also turn to one another in difficult times. I also like to insert shades of humor through colorful characters. 

A New Beginning, is the first of a series of novels. Can you give us some information on this book and the series? 

The first two books center on friends raised near one another in a suburb of Minneapolis. They’re in their late twenties now and while some have married and are raising families, a few are still searching for that perfect mate. A New Beginning is about Jack and Chelsea’s relationship, first love, second chances, and forgiveness. Despite her lingering anger toward Jack, Chelsea is unsure she can resist his attempts to fix what he’s broken.

The second book in the series, Only in Her Dreams, involves Kris and Vince. Tired of players, Kris has reinvented herself into the woman she believes men desire to marry while Vince, a total stranger, is escaping something painful from his past. Fate will bring them together to rescue one another. 

The third book, Because I Love You, will take us to Atlanta, and introduce Lindsey and TJ, long-time friends of Vince. After losing her husband to cancer, Lindsey finds solace with TJ, her husband’s best friend. The two will learn to depend on each other during difficult times. 

 I wrote the fourth book, The Best of Intentions, first many years ago, before I knew what I know today about writing. Although I used those characters in book one, I went another way with the plot and am excited to rewrite it. 

What are your future plans as a writer? What are you working on currently? 

I am halfway through book two, Only in My Dreams, though I sometimes pop into the working manuscript for Because I Love You, also partially written. 

What kind of audience would enjoy your books? Who are they aimed at? 

I believe we read women’s contemporary romance to escape, to dream and to recall those moments when we too, fell in love. I tend to think my audience includes working or stay-at-home moms, single, and retired woman.

What was the most interesting part of the self-publishing process? Do you have any advice for writers going on this path?

Oh wow, I have learned so much in the past three years, things I never thought or worried about until I faced the long list of ‘to do’s’ before self-publishing my work. I’m working on avenues for marketing right now. 

Any general advice for new authors?

DO NOT give up. Write like a maniac and learn what it will take to share your creation. The Indie author is in charge of her destiny and help is plentiful. 

Where can people find you? (social media, blog, etc.) 

I have a website with a blog : and “My Author Site’ on Facebook. 

Thanks, Kate for this opportunity!



Again, congratulations to Ricki, I hope that second book is coming along well.

As always, I love to hear from readers, so feel free to contact me anytime through my website!