Between You Me & Us


Me You and Us – New Contemporary Fiction, Contemporary Romance Series kicks off this month!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m sure most people would understand. 2020 is the year the majority of us wish was over. The only way of getting through such turbulent times, for me at least, is to concentrate on the things I can control. That was supporting my friends and family, and burying myself in writing. Even though writing is something I love, has been a struggle for the past few months, and I experienced a rare occurrence for me: the dreaded writer’s block.

Even with the stay at home mandates and the shutdowns of many local businesses, being at home didn’t provide me a lot of extra time to write. Instead, the uncertainty and unfolding tragedies worldwide stole my focus and ability to engage with my characters. I’m not alone in these struggles, that I know, and I hope that everyone out there is managing their own circumstances and keeping safe and well.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of my family, friends, and my writing community, I’ve fought through the dreaded block and, finally, my new novel is ready for release. Between You Me and Us is a full Contemporary Fiction/Romance novel, the first in my newest series You Me and Us. 

This will be a trilogy, and though reading each book in sequence will be the best way to enjoy them, each novel will be its own complete story arc and will follow a unique character.

Between You Me and Us is on presale at the major book outlets worldwide in E-book, with first release on Kobo on October 16, 2020, then on Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Amazon in early November. The paperback will be available worldwide in November, 2020.

Take care everyone, and as always, feel free to drop me a note or join my mailing list for updates and special offers.