Never Let You Fall

Summer at the beach house. Alex’s favorite season and place. Except this year, nothing seems right.
As Alexis struggles to manage their young son, her husband, Joel, spends an increasing amount of time away, commuting to his law office in Chicago, pursuing his dream of a partnership and a better life for their family. Or so she believes, until she discovers a series of texts exchanged with his ex-girlfriend.
Joel faces his own hurdles. His office becomes an escape from the demands of his wife and toddler, but mostly from the burden of guilt he carries after the near-death of his closest friend. Nobody understands or sympathizes with his pain besides Crystal. She has become his confidant and biggest supporter during these troubled times.
As their relationship crumbles, Alexis and Joel must fight for forgiveness, for understanding, for their family, and for their marriage. Will their love be enough?




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