New Release

Free Falling, by author Ana Simons


I am always on the lookout for new voices in the publishing world, and I have been fortunate to find this one. This is the second novel from Ana, and the first in her new series.

What I love about the novel,  Free Falling, is not only the fresh POV, which the author has bravely written from the male voice of the main character Brian Anderson, but the unexpected emotional ups and downs experienced by the reader. If you are a fan of Contemporary Romance, I recommend you give it a read; you might just discover a new favorite author!

This book released yesterday on Amazon in ebook and paperback – I have included the link below. Click the preview button and it will take you to the Amazon site to read a sample.


Does a man ever forget the first girl he truly loved? 

Brian Anderson can’t get past the anger corroding him inside. Finding out the woman he believed would soon be his wife was having an affair with a family friend, a man he looked up to like a father, left him broken and bitter.

With little to no faith in women and relationships, the handsome and enigmatic English architect is now determined to swear off love or any serious entanglements.

At least, that’s the plan.

Enter Olivia, the one who got away ten years before, and he soon learns fate has plans of its own. Their unexpected re-encounter will trigger old feelings and send his life into a tailspin. Looking into his own vulnerabilities will be just the beginning. Facing the uphill battle to find a way to her heart, which has been broken too many times, is the challenge that follows…

But with more at stake now than they could have ever anticipated, will they be able to move beyond their past mistakes and get a second chance at love?

I hope you enjoy. Happy reading!