Reunited, The Hamilton Series, Book 2

 “Heart Warming Story You Must Read – Parental Love Conquers Loss in Beautiful Ways.”  Reviewer

‘Not your run-of-the-mill love story – this one is more.’ Reviewer


A novel brimming with secrets, betrayals,  unconditional love, and every emotion in between. Lose yourself in their story… A riveting and profound journey deep into the hearts of a family torn apart. Get ready… This is only the beginning…  

“Don’t do this! I’ve put it all behind me, and now you’re here like a bad nightmare, bringing it all up again!”

Life for Dr. Aiden Hamilton has never been easy. Plagued by regrets and closely held secrets, he struggles to maintain his equilibrium and create a future. When a chance encounter brings his past rushing in, he’s forced to confront his controlling family, take action, and break the silence.

Adopted at birth, Savannah Phillips has always felt a piece was missing from her life. After the devastating and tragic loss of her mother, she longs for answers about the couple who gave her away. When presented with the opportunity she pursues her dream, but the reality is far from what she’d imagined.

Sometimes there is no fixing what has been said and done. What we once wanted may simply be unattainable. A chain of uncontrollable events set these two individuals on a path that will forever change their worlds.

Life is full of unexpected moments… Sometimes fate intervenes… A story about a second chance that changes everything… Forever.


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