Everything we Dream

Three deceptively simple little words...

Three simple words. Words Savannah longs to say, but doesn’t dare. Her boyfriend seems perfect; the attractive, driven medical resident with a bright shining future. But, nobody is without flaws, and Brandon’s rough edges and reluctance to commit begin to show. Hold on? Or cut him loose? Savannah is torn between the messages from her heart, and the logic ruling her head.

Three little words. Words Brandon has never said; not to anyone. His imperfect home life taught him the necessity for caution. But, Savannah forces him to confront his past and his problems. This charming young woman might be his perfect fit; if he’d met her five years into the future.

Their future seems uncertain, until fate intervenes, drawing them closer together. Forcing them to make tough choices. Or are they choices at all? Repeat the past? Or break the cycle? Admit their feelings? Or live with regrets?


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