Editing Services

Hiring an editor is an important decision. You are handing over your precious book to another person. If you’re an experienced writer, perhaps this has become easier over time. For new writers, it can be a stressful part of the writing process. Many worry about losing their unique voice when the editor takes over. This should never happen. As an editor, I understand the value of writers developing their own style, so when I edit, I will mark missed words and comment on other changes, which allows you to restructure sentences but still preserve your voice.

A little about me:  I understand the importance of putting the best piece possible in front of an audience as well as respecting each writer’s unique voice and work. I also have a love of reading and editing. Yes, I know, most people hate the editing process, but to me it’s the exciting time when the story and characters truly come to life. As I travel along the path of writing, I have found this to be an area where I can make a difference and assist other authors, like you, on their own journeys.

In my previous life, before I became an author and editor, I worked in financial services for a large Canadian bank. This career involved meeting strict deadlines, client confidentiality, along with open and hones communication and high level of professionalism. I also did a fair amount of coaching and training. These are things I bring into my role as editor. From my own personal experience, I recognize the dedication and hard work involved in writing a book and I also understand the steep learning curves, especially for new authors. In short, I see the writing process from both sides so remember, no question is too big or too small.

At this time, I am offering 3 different types of services:

Substantive or Structural Editing

This level of editing or coaching is for authors who would like assistance in spotting structural flaws and plot holes on the rough draft, or for those needing help with outlining their novel. The feedback and assistance will allow you to clarify and/or reorganize your outline for content and structure or rewrite a draft that just isn’t working or flowing. The suggested changes may be discussed ‘in person’ by way of phone or online communications and will also be provided in written form. Cost: Will depend on the scope and duration of the project. I would be happy to discuss your needs and expectations and provide a quote.

Copy Editing

The level of editing is for authors who are looking for a full check on spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, hyphen use, content, style, word usage, plus checks for wordiness, internal consistency of facts (spelling and usage of character names, locations, POV and tense) and overall clarity. Spotting passive voice, overused words, syntax errors, dangling participles and split infinitives, correct dialogue tagging and punctuation are some of the other items to be checked on this edit. Cost: .02¢ per word (one full in-depth pass over your manuscript).


This is for authors who have completed the heavy editing and structural changes and want a final check on the spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, hyphen use or other minor errors that have slipped by. Cost: $175 based on a maximum of 50,000 words. Please ask for a quote for longer works or if you wish to combine this with an in-depth copy edit.

I have a strong knowledge of the differences between American English, Canadian English, and British English and will correct spelling, grammar, and word usage in your preferred version.

In the near future I will be adding new services such as book formatting for paperback using InDesign, as well as offering e-book formatting. If you are interested in these services, please ask!

If you would like more information, or would like to contract my services, Contact me here or through email: Katesmithauthor@shaw.ca.