Reunited-Everything we Lost

Some memories are lost forever...

Life for Dr. Aiden Hamilton has never been easy. Plagued by regrets and closely held secrets, he struggles to maintain his equilibrium and create a future. When a chance encounter brings his past rushing in, he’s forced to confront his controlling family, take action, and break the silence.

Adopted at birth, Savannah Phillips has always felt a piece was missing from her life. After the devastating and tragic loss of her mother, she longs for answers about the couple who gave her away. When presented with the opportunity she pursues her dream, but the reality is far from what she’d imagined.

Sometimes there is no fixing what has been said and done. What we once wanted may simply be unattainable. A chain of uncontrollable events set these two individuals on a path that will forever change their worlds.

Life is full of unexpected moments… Sometimes fate intervenes… A story about a second chance that changes everything… Forever.


‘A Heartwarming Story You Must Read – Parental Love Conquers Loss in Beautiful Ways.’  Amazon Reviewer

‘Not your run-of-the-mill love story - this one is more.’ Amazon Reviewer



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Forgiveness-Everything For Love

What would you sacrifice for love?

Aiden has made promises... ones he cannot break no matter what obstacles are in his path. Even with the support of his closest friends, the future he envisions seems daunting and unattainable. However, he makes the best of it. He's learned—when one door closes, another opens.

Failing to lay her insecurities to rest, Emily refuses to allow Aiden to break down her barriers. She's learned the art of self-preservation is a valuable skill. If only she could simply avoid Aiden, life would be much easier...

Constant self-doubts, the interference of his ex, and his manipulative family combine to create havoc. As they embark on new journeys in separate cities, each takes steps toward healing, forgiveness, and the acceptance of themselves and their pasts.

Promises are easy to make, but hard to keep...
The eternal bonds of family do not rely on biology alone...
Second chances are sometimes granted and lessons learned...
To love is to forgive and accept...

‘Forgiveness touches every emotion.’ Amazon Reviewer

‘A beautiful story about two people who learn what the true meaning of forgiveness really is.’ Author Katerina Bray

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Never Let You Fall

My world had caved in, and there was nothing I could do about it. I’d been so happy, and now I couldn’t recall the last time I’d genuinely laughed or smiled. Was love enough?

Alexis and Joel Nichols are the perfect couple with the perfect marriage. At least that is how it appears on the surface, and they have tried hard to maintain the illusion.

A series of mistakes forces them to confront their problems. Ignoring the issues only further alienates their friends… and each other.

Now they must find a way to make amends and repair all that it broken before it’s too late.

When your world turns upside down… How do you make it right?

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Everything Left Unsaid

Unspoken words are sometimes the most painful...

Tumultuous and unpredictable. The very essence of Savannah’s life from the day she learned she was adopted. Her journey of self-discovery continues as she begins her first year of college and faces a series of difficult decisions regarding the woman she once hoped to know.


Regrets and devastation. The overwhelming emotions Tiffany faces daily since the loss of her daughter and her own betrayal of the man she loves. As she struggles with her inner demons, she realizes she’s sacrificed far too much to make everyone happy... everyone but herself, that is.


The road to happiness is filled with insurmountable obstacles, yet... hope can sometimes be found in unexpected times and places.

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Everything we Dream

Three deceptively simple little words...

Three simple words. Words Savannah longs to say, but doesn’t dare. Her boyfriend seems perfect; the attractive, driven medical resident with a bright shining future. But, nobody is without flaws, and Brandon’s rough edges and reluctance to commit begin to show. Hold on? Or cut him loose? Savannah is torn between the messages from her heart, and the logic ruling her head.

Three little words. Words Brandon has never said; not to anyone. His imperfect home life taught him the necessity for caution. But, Savannah forces him to confront his past and his problems. This charming young woman might be his perfect fit; if he’d met her five years into the future.

Their future seems uncertain, until fate intervenes, drawing them closer together. Forcing them to make tough choices. Or are they choices at all? Repeat the past? Or break the cycle? Admit their feelings? Or live with regrets?

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Everything We Promised

Do you believe in second chances?

After three years overseas, Aiden Hamilton returns to Chicago. During his absence, he thought often of his teenage love, Tiffany, and longs to rekindle their relationship. Except there are two major hurdles—his acceptance into medical school in another state, and the continued efforts of their families to separate them.

Tiffany Baxter has spent the last three years of her life doing her best to remain invisible to her unsupportive parents. The events of her teenage years have created deep emotional scars, and despite the sporadic and secret contact from Aiden, she assumes he is lost to her forever.

Each have struggled to accept the circumstances that separated them. Both want to move on, yet overcoming the obstacles seem to be impossible. Whenever they manage to find their way back to each other, inevitably they are torn apart.

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The Hamilton Series Box Set

A world of second chances...

Five full-length novels #1-5 of The Hamilton Series

A series about family, loss, love, and the importance of holding onto and forgiving those who matter most.

Aiden Hamilton grew up as the only son of a high-profile lawyer, but the life he's led has been far from charmed. He has struggled to rise above the anger and pain, striving to build a new life that includes his life-long friends who have become his family. Now an accomplished doctor, a revelation about his teenage years changes the trajectory of his life, setting him on an entirely new path.

Contains the following 5 full-length novels:

Reunited-Everything we Lost #1

Forgiveness-Everything for Love #2

Never let you Fall #3

Everything left Unsaid #4

Everything we Dream #5

Available on Kobo and iBooks.

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