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News on Upcoming Releases

I have several exciting new projects in the works!

Promising infinity, Prequel to The Hamilton Series is first on my agenda is a novella. Promising infinity  is being released chapter by chapter as a free download from this site. To be notified on each chapter release of Promising infinity, please follow my blog!

Reunited, The Hamilton Series, Book 1 which can be found here: Reunited and Forgiveness, The Hamilton Series, Book 2 can be found here: Forgiveness.

Dance in the Rain is my next full-length novel.  This Contemporary Fiction/Romance novel will be based on Alexis and Joel Nichols. This couple has been introduced in The Hamilton Series. Expected release is Fall 2017. More information here: Dance in the Rain

The third book, Redemption, The Hamilton Series, Book 3, is currently being edited for publication in 2018, and will follow Savannah Phillips Hamilton along with another well known character. Redemption

The fourth book, Breaking Infinity, The Hamilton Series, Book 4 planned for late in 2018 and will again follow Savannah as one of the main characters.

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