About Kate Smith

Canadian Indie Author, living in the sunny Okanagan. Lover of a good cup of coffee, quality chocolate, great wine, travel, and of course… a good read!

Welcome to my unexpected journey into the wonderful world of fiction. In the beginning, I wrote short pieces, which, as many new writers will probably admit… I never showed to anyone. For most writers, one of the biggest hurdles is sharing, and the day I worked up the courage to allow someone to read my work was a landmark. And the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.

Being an author feels natural. It’s something I love. I’ve always been fascinated by books, by human nature, philosophy, and the world in general. Learning to read at a very young age certainly fueled the fascination. My insatiable interest in reading I attribute to my mom, who was an avid reader herself. She read to me every night for years, even after I had learned to read on my own.

As the years went by, I devoured fiction, enjoying many genres. Wonderful adventures like The Hobbit and Watership Down, growing into a love of fiction in general, but especially that of the contemporary variety. I never imagined I would write my own novel, no matter how amazing and enticing the dream.

Fast forward a few years… and… a pivotal moment arrived. The ending of something I’d read bothered me. I sat down and rewrote it the way I would have liked it to turn out. The process resonated in a way very few activities ever have. I needed to write more, so I found a writing site, and began using writing prompts. Then I started on my own ideas, writing bits and pieces, but keeping my words in hiding – which I’ve since learned seems to be a habit of epidemic proportion among beginning writers.

I dove into learning the craft. Writing, researching, learning, and rewriting… endless rounds of rewriting and editing, all the while soaking up as much information as possible.

During that time, I connected with two fellow aspiring authors, and we helped each other by editing and critiquing each other’s work. Both have remained amazing friends to this day. That journey continues as I connect with more authors and navigate through the world of self-publishing.

I hit publish on my first novel – Reunited, Book 1, The Hamilton Series in December of 2016 (Soon to be retitled as Everything we Lost). This series is almost complete now with Book 6 – Everything we Promised recently published. I am thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned during the journey of writing this series. Today I am considering a Book 7, but have also begun writing an entirely new series. Look for Book 1 in 2019.

To all the readers out there… I hope you enjoy my fictional world. To all the writers… never give up your dreams. As many have said — life is a journey, not a destination. Every struggle has its own lessons, even if you fail.

In the words of one of my first and favorite fictional main characters to spring from the depths of my own musings, remember:

Sometimes unexpected ends up incredible.


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