About Kate Smith

Indie Author and proud┬áCanadian, living in Western Canada. Lover of a good cup of coffee, quality chocolate and of course… a good read!

Let me tell you a bit about my journey. About two years ago, I started writing short pieces, which as many new writers will probably say… I never showed any of it to anyone. They weren’t great pieces of writing, but they were a start.

I’ve always loved books and I learned to read at a very young age. Maybe thanks to my mom, who was an avid reader, and read to us every single night for years. As the years went by, I read more and more, and even have been in book clubs in the past. I had always thought it would be wonderful to be able to actually write a book.

So, I spent a year learning about writing, and when an idea hit, I started writing a novel. The first draft was okay, but I still felt I had far more to learn. I connected with a fellow aspiring author, and we started helping each other with editing and critiquing each others work. Then I connected with another who has also been a wonderful resource, and… I hope that journey will continue as I connect with more authors.

To get to the point where I felt confident publishing my novel took two years, but it was worth every moment. I researched and read and wrote and rewrote and rewrote chapters. I listened to the feedback I was getting from Beta readers and implemented many new ideas.

There are some excellent sites that are dedicated to Indie Authors, but… What I didn’t come across was very many sites aimed at Canadian Indie Authors.

That is what I hope to do with this site, to inform and encourage writers to realize that dream, with extra information for Canadians. I welcome readers from all countries however, as a lot of what I will write about is going to apply to each and every Indie Author out there. I will also be adding author interviews and book reviews, so stay tuned!





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