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Some memories are lost forever...

When your world turns upside down...

Three deceptively simple little words...

What would you sacrifice for love?

Unspoken words are sometimes the most painful...

Do you believe in second chances?

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Never Let You Fall, Sample PDF!

Never Let You Fall will be released on: Kobo: Never Let You Fall iBooks: Amazon:   Amazon in E-book format Paperback:   Amazon and Createspace in paperback. Read a sample here:    My world had caved in, and there was nothing I could do about it. I’d been so happy, but now I couldn’t recall the last time […]

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Author Interview ~ Stella Knights

  An American woman, named Holly, has everything she could possibly want living in the city of Melbourne. Her Australian husband, Tom, works hard chasing his hierarchical corporate dreams, so much so that he forgoes Holly’s happiness. Fighting to make their marriage work, Holly uncovers secrets about Tom, causing her to question all she ever […]

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Author Interview ~ Ana Simons

When life falls apart, what if sharing your secrets with a perfect stranger makes everything fall back in place? ~ Ana Simons from Silent Signs  ~ Author Interview ~ Ana Simons, Author of Silent Signs   I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Indie Author, Ana Simons. Her debut […]

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Author Interview ~ Katerina Bray

    “Not every fairy tale consists of two perfect people who are destined to fall in love. In the real world, perfect doesn’t exist, especially to those who have bled and are scarred by the thorns that pricked them.”  Katerina Bray, Barely Breathing ~ Author Interview ~ Katerina Bray, Author of Barely Breathing Happy […]

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Ten Tips for your Character Sheets

Character Sheets As our Monday draws to a close, I thought I would end the day with another valuable writing tip. Today’s topic deals with one of the most important facets of your story. Your characters. Today’s topic is: Character Sheets. In my last post, I covered an easy way to create your timeline. The next […]

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Who is the Indie Author?

Kate Smith. A proud Canadian, living in Western Canada. Lover of a good cup of coffee, quality chocolate and of course… a good read! Join my blog!

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